Ajira PORTAL Login

Ajira PORTAL Login

This document explains how to log into the Ajira portal and how to register and apply for Ajira there.

You will discover the quickest method to sign up, log in, and apply for job openings on the Tanzanian ajira portal in this step-by-step tutorial.

About Ajira portal

A government entity with the status of an independent Department, the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) was created especially to make the hiring of new workers for the public service easier.

The Public Service Act No. 8 of 2002, as amended by Act No. 18 of 2007, section 29, created the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat.(1).

As a part of the President’s Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat, this Ajira Portal facilitates recruitment in the public service. Qualified candidates are matched with job openings using this portal to speed up the hiring process.

As a result, the ajira Portal acts as the main resource for employment openings at government institutions and organizations.

Ajira portal login – Login Page

  • Login on ajira portal Visit login page

  • Use your email/username and password To login





Portal.ajira.go.tz vacancies – How to Apply for a Government Job Through Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS)

Find Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) Advertised and available Job vacancies and apply online click this link >>

  • You must create ajira portal profile to apply. Sign up for a portal.ajira.go.tz at sign up page

  • Sign into ajira portal, complete your profile, and upload your resume and certificates.

  • Search for jobs that interest you.

  • Review the job announcements to see if you qualify.

  • Prepare your application

  • Submit your application to the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS) with the opening through Ajira Portal

Some government organizations list jobs on their websites, though the majority do so on the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat (PSRS).

To apply for a position with the government, there is never an application or testing fee. Find out about and learn how to avoid government employment scams.

Additionally, visitors who want to apply for a job by category should just go to the homepage. HERE.

  • Here, you can register online for jobs listed on Portal.ajira.go.tz by category.

  • First, new applicants must register on the Ajira portal and establish a profile. before moving forward with an employment application.

  • The following stage is to log into the Ajira portal, finish your profile, and upload your credentials.

  • Third, visit the page that contains the most recent jobs for recruitment HERE to find the ideal position that suits you.

  • Choose any position you’re interested in to view the complete job description, which typically includes the qualifications needed for that position as well as other information.

  • Examine the prerequisites to determine if you meet the requirements for the position.

  • Create your application, then start the enrollment process.

  • Finally, before sending your application, double-check all of its details.

General Recruitment/Registration Requirements

Candidates who want to apply for jobs and go through the registration procedure at portal.ajira.go.tz.

Before registering and submitting an online job application, applicants should merely read through these general hiring requirements.

  • First of all, only Citizens of Tanzania that are not above 45 years old. Should proceed to do the Ajira portal registration.

  • Interested persons must attach their CV’s which will clearly state their personal and contact details.

  • Thirdly, you should be willing to upload scanned copies of your credentials to the Ajira Government website.

  • Their are various jobs from different Government establishments at this portal. Also, these jobs has unique academic and other requirements for each job. So be sure of finding a job that suits your qualification and apply online.

  • Those that has computer training certificate and other relevant credentials, should also attach them.

  • Further, the Applications letters that will be submitted, should only be written in English or Swahili languages.

  • Intersted persons with any form disability should ensure they indicate

Ajira Portal Call for Interview

You should be aware that you may be called for an interview at any time, so you should take the time to get ready. because it’s a crucial step in the hiring process.

You will undoubtedly find this article on Ajira Portal useful. If you encounter any difficulties, it would be best to share them in the comment area below.

Ajira PORTAL Tanzania FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Ajira Portal Tanzania:

Q: What is Ajira Portal Tanzania?
A: Ajira Portal Tanzania is an online platform developed by the Tanzanian government to connect job seekers with potential employers. It is designed to help address the high rate of unemployment in Tanzania by providing a platform for job seekers to find job opportunities and for employers to find suitable candidates.

Q: How do I access Ajira Portal Tanzania?
A: You can access Ajira Portal Tanzania by visiting the website: https://ajira.go.tz/. Once you are on the website, you can create an account and log in to access the available job opportunities.

Q: How do I create an account on Ajira Portal Tanzania?
A: To create an account on Ajira Portal Tanzania, you need to visit the website and click on the “Register” button. You will be required to provide your personal details such as your name, ID number, email address, and phone number.

Q: What do I need to log in to Ajira Portal Tanzania?
A: To log in to Ajira Portal Tanzania, you need to have an account on the platform. You will also need to have your username and password ready.

Q: What if I forget my password?
A: If you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. You will be required to provide your email address or phone number to receive instructions on how to reset your password.

Q: What if I am having trouble logging in to Ajira Portal Tanzania?
A: If you are having trouble logging in to Ajira Portal Tanzania, you can try resetting your password or contacting the Ajira Portal support team for assistance. You can find the contact information for the support team on the website.


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