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ATLAS FUSD refers to the Fresno Unified School District’s student and staff portals. Students can view their grades, attendance records, and other academic information through the ATLAS Student Portal. Students can use the portal by entering their username and password. The ATLAS Staff Portal, on the other hand, is a platform where employees can access work-related information such as schedules and pay stubs[2].

Users will require an electronic device such as a computer, laptop, or mobile phone to use the ATLAS FUSD portals. They will also need a username and password, which can be obtained through their school or district. They can access the platform’s services and features after logging in to the portal. Academic resources, communication tools, and other educational items may be included in these services.

In essence, ATLAS FUSD is a platform that gives Fresno Unified School District students and staff members access to academic and work-related information. The platform allows users to log in using their username and password and access a variety of services and features.

What does ATLAS serve in the Fresno Unified School District?

ATLAS is a platform that allows students, parents, and teachers in the Fresno Unified School District to access educational tools and information. Students can see their grades, attendance, and assignments using the ATLAS Student Portal. The ATLAS Parent Portal allows parents to stay in touch with their children’s teachers and engage with them directly. Teachers can access student information and other resources through the ATLAS Staff Portal.

Overall, ATLAS serves as a tool to improve communication and collaboration among Fresno Unified School District students, parents, and instructors. It enables quick access to critical information and resources, which can boost student achievement and engagement.

How can ATLAS assist parents in maintaining contact with teachers?

Through the ATLAS Parent Portal, ATLAS assists parents in staying in touch with teachers. Parents can use the site to connect directly with their child’s teachers, view their child’s grades and assignments, and get announcements from ATLAS Connect-enabled teachers. Parents and guardians can get announcements by SMS, email, or the ATLAS Inbox. ATLAS Connect’s Conversations function also allows parents to message their child’s teachers directly. Furthermore, the ATLAS Parent Portal offers parents with a family account password that is generated automatically when their child enrolls in a Fresno Unified school for the first time. This password can be given to the student’s teacher or the school office staff upon request, or it can be placed at the bottom of student progress reports and report cards. Overall, the ATLAS Parent Portal is a tool that allows parents to keep informed and connected about their child’s education and development in school.

What does ATLAS Connect for Parents entail?

ATLAS Connect is a communication tool developed to help Fresno Unified School District parents stay in touch with their children’s instructors. It enables teachers to communicate with parents and guardians via SMS, email, or the ATLAS Inbox. These announcements can be presented in the parent’s preferred language, such as English, Spanish, or Hmong. ATLAS Connect’s goal is to keep teachers and families linked while also giving parents and guardians discretion over how messages are delivered.

ATLAS Connect is accessible to parents via the ATLAS Parent Portal, which is generated immediately when a kid enrolls in a Fresno Unified school. ATLAS Inbox is where notifications from ATLAS Connect teachers are distributed, and parents can access it by entering into the ATLAS Parent Portal and clicking on the Inbox tab. ATLAS Connect’s Conversations feature allows parents and guardians to directly message teachers and stay informed about their child’s education. Overall, ATLAS Connect is a useful tool for parents to keep in touch with their children’s instructors and track their progress in the district.


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