How to check NHIF account status online

NHIF account status
Nhif account status online
How to check NHIF account status online. Photo: @nhifkenya

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a Kenyan government parastatal that was founded in 1966. The primary goal of establishing this fund was to provide residents with a reasonable NHIF payment plan in order to enhance and make health care more accessible.

How to check NHIF Status

There are several methods for determining the NHIF balance. One option is to go to the local NHIF office and have an attendant check your account and provide you with the appropriate information. Many consumers now utilize email, SMS, the NHF website, and the NHIF App to monitor their NHIF status. Because everything is going digital, learn how to make an NHIF account status online query.

1. How can I check my NHIF status online?

The primary change in the National Hospital Insurance Fund is an upgraded online system. Thanks to technology, the NHIF service delivery has become more efficient, quick and instant. There is no need to walk into your nearest NHIF branch to check NHIF status. You can seamlessly check NHIF statements online from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

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Like most government organizations in Kenya. NHIF posts information about its services, terms and conditions, and more on its official online platforms (social media and website). Here is the step-by-step guide on how to check NHIF status online via the official website:

  • Get to the NHIF official website.
  • Click “Register Now.”
  • If you are not an NHIF member, tap “How To” to check registration requirements and guidelines, then click on “Employer” or “Employee” to fill out the registration form.
  • If you have registered with NHIF, click the “Admin” button.
  • Click “Log In”, and the system will take you to the NHIF status login page.
  • Enter your email address and password, and click “Log In.”
  • Proceed to check your NHIF account status online.
  • You will see your monthly contributions, penalties, and arrears.
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  • Registered NHIF members can directly log onto the NHIF self-service portal and check their accounts’ status.
hif status check online free
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2. How to check NHIF balance online via the NHIF App

Download the ‘My NHIF’ App from Google Play or App Store and register or log in to access your NHIF status.

3. How to check NHIF status via phone

A cell phone is becoming an essential part of most people’s lives. In Kenya, one of the various ways to use a mobile phone is to monitor the status of one’s NHIF account online. It is simple to check your NHIF account contribution status using your phone.

If you submit the correct information, it is also an accurate and convenient service. You will be charged Kshs. 10 from your airtime (Airtel, Safaricom, Equitel, or Telkom lines) to check the status of your NHIF account. Here’s how to verify the status of your NHIF by SMS:


  • Open your phone’s messaging app.
  • Type ID > skip a space > ID number or Passport number (e.g. ID 123456).
  • Send the text to NHIF status check number 21101.
  • You will receive information about your NHIF account status via SMS.


  • Dial NHIF USSD *155#. You do not need credit to use this service.
  • 4. Checking NHIF statement via email

    It is also possible to check NHIF statement via email. Use the email [email protected] to request an NHIF statement.

    NHIF payment options

    All changes and reviews within the National Hospital Insurance Fund are typically covered by the mainstream media. For example, the NHIF Payment options have been expanded, and members now pay slightly more than they did previously. There are various ways to pay your monthly NHIF contributions, fines, and arrears.

how to check nhif status online
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1. Use the NHIF online Selfcare Platform, NHIF app, or USSD code

You can make payments via the NHIF self-service portal. The portal is easy to use because it gives you leads on what to do until the money is received and an acknowledgement report is sent to you. This is one of the fastest payment modes.

  • Login to your account via the NHIF Website, Mobile App (or dial USSD *155#).
  • Click “Payment.”
  • Select “Type of Payment.”
  • Enter the amount to pay.
  • Enter the mobile number to pay from.
  • Wait for an M-Pesa PIN prompt.
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and click “Send.”
  • You will receive M-Pesa and NHIF payment confirmation messages.

2. Use your bank account

You can set up a bank standing order so that NHIF automatically transfers money from your account to your NHIF account on a monthly basis. When your company does not cover your NHIF, this is a viable option. NHIF monthly contributions are typically deducted from your payslip and sent to NHIF by your employer.

3. Use mobile money transfer services

M-Pesa, Airtel Money and Equitel. Money is loaded to the individual mobile phone number and then transferred to the National Hospital Insurance Fund through the NHIF paybill number. Here are the procedures to follow:

How to pay for NHIF using M-Pesa

If you have money in your M-Pesa, follow the above below on how to pay NHIF using M-Pesa:

  • Enter your Safaricom line into your phone.
  • Go to the “M-Pesa menu.”
  • Select “Lipa na M-Pesa.”
  • Select “Pay bill.”
  • Enter the NHIF M-Pesa pay bill number, 200222.
  • Enter your ID card number in the subsequent lead.
  • Key in the amount (NHIF payment monthly contribution).
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and press “Send.”
  • You will receive M-Pesa and NHIF payment confirmation messages.
how to check nhif status via phone
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How to pay for NHIF using Airtel Money

Here are the steps for paying the NHIF bill via Airtel Money Kenya:

  • Enter your Airtel line into your phone.
  • Go to the “Airtel Money menu.”
  • Select “Make payments.”
  • Select “Pay Bills.”
  • Select “Other.”
  • Enter NHIF pay bill number 823263.
  • Type in the amount you wish to pay.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Use your ID number as a reference.
  • Click send and wait for Airtel and NHIF payment confirmation messages.

How to pay NHIF through Equitel Money

Equity Bank provides clients with a mobile sim card for communications and money transactions. Here is how you can use an Equitel sim card to pay for NHIF:

  • Enter your Equitel line into your phone.
  • Go to the “Equitel menu.”
  • Select “My Money.”
  • Choose “Send/Pay.”
  • Select a bank account you wish to pay from.
  • Go to “Paybill”
  • Select ‘To Others”
  • Choose “M-Pesa” to send the money to your M-Pesa.
  • After receiving money in your M-Pesa account, follow the steps for paying an NHIF bill via Mpesa.

NHIF rates for employees in 2022

These are the 2022 NHIF rates:

Salary bracket (Ksh.) Monthly contributions (Ksh.)
0-5,999 150
6,000-7,999 300
8,000-11,999 400
12,000-14,999 500
15,000-19,999 600
20,000-24,999 750
25,000-29,999 850
30,000-34,999 900
35,000-39,999 950
40,000-44,999 1,000
45,000-49,999 1,100
50,000-59,999 1,200
60,000-69,999 1,300
70,000-79,999 1,400
89,000-89,999 1,500
90,000-100,000 1,600
100,000 and above 1,700
Self-employed (special type) 500

How can I update my NHIF details?

Many hospitals in Kenya accept NHIF cards, and you are allowed to select or change a medical centre. Here is how to update NHIF status online:

  • Login to your account via the NHIF Website, Mobile App (or dial USSD *155#).
  • Click “Change Facility.”‘
  • Select “Member/Dependant.”
  • Select “County.”
  • Select a hospital in your selected county.
  • Submit to change the hospital.
how to update nhif status online
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How to check NHIF dependants online?

You can update or amend NHIF dependants online to avoid going to the nearest NHIF office or Huduma Centre. You need these documents:

  • A copy of your National ID.
  • A copy of your spouse (s) National ID.
  • A photocopy of your marriage certificate or a sworn affidavit from a magistrate if it is a traditional union.
  • You should register for an additional NHIF card to cover your other wife if she was not included in the initial NHIF card.
  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate.
  • Use a birth notification if the kid is below six months.
  • Coloured passport-size photos for your dependents.

How to add dependents to your NHIF card online

  • Log in to your account via the NHIF website or app.
  • Click “Dependent’s registration.”
  • Enter your national ID number.
  • Fill in all the other sections.
  • Attach a scanned copy of the dependent’s photo (coloured and passport-size).
  • Attach a scanned copy of the dependent’s birth certificate/ marriage certificate/affidavit.
  • Click “Save” to save the documents
  • Click “Submit.”
  • Note that you can only submit the request if all fields are filled out.
  • The system sends a notification to the contributor’s phone number to keep a tab on the submission status.
how to check nhif balance
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How to add dependents to your NHIF card at the NHIF office or Huduma Center

  • Download an NHIF 26 Amendment Form online or get it from an NHIF office or Huduma Center.
  • Fill out all the relevant sections and sign the form. Remember to state the needed amendments-adding dependents to NHIF.
  • Attach all required documents to the NHIF-dependent registration form.
  • Hand the forms to the relevant officer at an NHIF branch or Huduma Centre.
  • The officer will verify the documents and enter some information into the system.
  • The officer will fill out the “For official use only” section on the NHIF 26 – Amendment Form.
  • Afterwards, NHIF will update the new information about your dependents in your account.

DISCLAIMER: This material is intended to provide general information only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a replacement for professional counsel or assistance and should not be used to make decisions. Any action you take in response to the information in this post is entirely at your own risk and responsibility!

We published a detailed paper for employees about the NHIF rates in 2022. Obiero National Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a state parastatal organization that reports to the Ministry of Health. It meets a variety of citizens’ healthcare requirements.

The primary mission of the fund is to offer medical coverage to its members and their designated dependents, such as children and spouses. The agency has modified its terms by including new NHIF rates for salaried individuals.





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