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How to Use the Spotify Web Player

The Spotify web player is fantastic since it works precisely like the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The only thing it can’t do is play music in the background—you’ll have to keep the tab open.

How to Launch the Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web Player.

The Spotify web player is not only available at, though it can be found there. The quickest way is to use a desktop web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Apple Safari to navigate to

Technically, the web player works in several Android browsers, including Google Chrome. It is also compatible with Safari on the iPhone and iPad. However, the mobile web player is not as dependable as Spotify’s mobile apps, so use those instead if possible.

How to Use the Spotify Web Player

Using the Spotify web player is quite similar to using the desktop program. You may find music and podcasts by using the “Search” tab in the left sidebar.

Search on Spotify web.

To create a playlist, click “Create Playlist” in the left sidebar.

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From there you can click the three-dot menu icon to “Edit Details.” Bring up the menu for any song to add it to the playlist.

Add songs to playlist.

All of the recommendations and pre-made playlists for you can be found on the “Made For You” page from the Search menu.


How to Unblock the Spotify Web Player

If your workplace has restricted the applications or they are not available in your country, the Spotify web player is a good alternative. If you wish to use it or find stuff from other countries, you’ll still need to get beyond the geo-restriction.

A VPN is the greatest option for this. A VPN simply allows you to connect to a server in another place and browse the internet as if you were in that location rather than your actual location.

There are plenty excellent VPN choices available today. To select the best VPN for your needs, consult our Best VPNs guide. Don’t allow anything get in the way of your Spotify tunes, whether on the web or in the apps.




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