NEMIS Portal

NEMIS Portal

The NEMIS portal is a website that the Kenyan ministry of education launched in 2018 and is used to register organizations, employees, and students online so that development, performance, and financial reporting can be tracked. Website hosts the official National Education Management Information System (NEMIS). A detailed instruction manual on how to obtain the nemis forms is provided below. Below the text, you can download the entire nemis pdf manual.

Kenya Ministry of education NEMIS system for registration of learners
Kenya Ministry of education NEMIS system for registration and archive of learners’ information/Photo

What is NEMIS?

An online resource called Nemis aids in the administration of Kenya’s educational system. It is designed to be used to store education-related data for quick access.

The official NEMIS website can be accessed at ( Use Mozilla or Google Chrome for easy access)

Difference between TSC and NEMIS UPI number?

While NEMIS UPI numbers are issued upon user registration on Nemis, TSC numbers are issued by the Teacher’s Service Commission.

You must have a TSC certificate with your number in order to work with TSC.

How to register students and schools on Nemis Portal

NEMIS education login page
NEMIS education login page/Photo
  • Step 2: Type your Username and Password to log on to the system.
  • Step 3: Click login.
  • Step 4: The page shown below will appear when you log in.
Nemis education student registation home page
NEMIS website home page after login/Photo
  • Step 5: place cursor on institution, learner, staff, finance, reports, setup as indicated below  to access what you are interested in;
  • Step 6: To register your Institution click on my institution, the same applied to other categories.
NEMIS institution registration manual
NEMIS institution registration manual/ Photo
  • Step 7: For institution registration, Upload the institution’s official ownership documents as shown below. Fill in the institution biodata, ownership details, institution contacts, and institution documents then click complete submission.
NEMIS institution ownership documents
NEMIS institution ownership documents/Photo

NEMIS Portal Modules

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Within the NEMIS portal are four key modules and their sub-modules. The respective functions of the modules, as well as details of those that you can find within them, are described in the following paragraphs below:

Institutions Module

This module documents an institution’s physical features and registration process. This is accomplished through its six sub-modules, which are detailed below.

Registration of Institutions: This module aids users in registering an institution with the Ministry. You can use it whether they are registering a new or an existing school.

Infrastructure for schools: It keeps an eye on the fixed assets and equipment used by the various schools.

School Utility: Record the name of the utility and a brief summary of its nature.

Co-Curricula: Lists the co-curricular activities that take place at a given institution during each academic year and their highest level.

Materials for instruction and learning: Registers and preserves students’ course and supplemental materials.

Emergency reporting: The school administration is able to gather information on any disaster that impacts the facility thanks to the NEMIS portal.

Learners Module

Every aspect of a learner’s enrollment, performance, growth in the educational system, and change from one level to another is documented in this module. The following five sub-modules make up the learner module:

The system will automatically generate a UPI if the student enters a birth certificate, ID number, or alien number in this module’s “Unique Personal Identifier” section.

Learner Registration: Records the learner’s contact information.

Student mobility: Contains information on the learner’s characteristics, the type of mobility, the discharging institution, and the new institution.

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Performance Progression: After passing a particular level, such as Primary, Secondary, etc., it records each learner’s performance information.

Learner Talent: Describes the learner’s talents in detail.

Staff Module

All of the data about those who work in the education industry is gathered in this module. The module is divided into five sections, each of which contains data on appointments and travel.

Teachers and Non-Teaching Staff Registration Module: This interface collects information on the teaching and non-teaching staff employed by an institution.

Teacher Mobility: This interface records the movement of instructors across different institutions. Additionally, it shows a teacher’s history of transfers.

Subjects/units that a teacher teaches in an institution are recorded through this interface.

Study Areas: A teacher’s areas of expertise are recorded in this interface.

Responsibilities of teachers: This interface records the tasks given to teachers inside a facility.

Finance Module

Through its five submodules, the finance module assists in tracking revenue and expenses across all institutions.

Fees: This interface records an institution’s total fee amount for all authorized fee items.

Capitation: Using this interface, the capitation that will be distributed to public elementary and secondary schools for a specific term of a particular year is set up.

Income Returns: This interface records all payments made to the institution over the course of a year.

Development Fund: The initiatives supported by an institution during a specific fiscal year are displayed on its interface.

Expenditure Returns: This interface records a project’s total expenditures, milestone accomplishments, and percentage of completion.


This interface lets you change the password when you forget it.

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The user can create specialized reports pertaining to their mandate using the reporting interface on this portal. This interface will export data in the required format for advanced analysis. (excel).

Include the biographical information, ownership details, contacts, and documents for your institution here.

Click View Map to see the institution’s position in the world.

NEMIS Contacts

We will provide instructions on how to record student progress and performance information in the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS) website/portal in our following post.

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