Orbitz Flights Guide 2023

Orbitz Flights Guide 2023

Orbitz Flights

Orbitz is a travel booking website that offers cheap flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Orbitz has a loyalty program that allows customers to earn free travel rewards and get discounts on their first hotel booking in the app. The website also offers last-minute flight deals for travelers who want to take spontaneous vacations.

Orbitz offers flights under $199 to almost anywhere in the United States, including HawaiiCalifornia, and Florida. The website also provides domestic flight deals starting at $27. Customers can book roundtrip or one-way flights and save money by bundling their flight and hotel reservations together.

Orbitz charges a $30 service fee for itinerary changes if permitted by the fare. Additional airline charges may apply. Schedules are subject to change without notice, so customers should check with the airline for details. Tickets are nontransferable and nonrefundable

Orbitz Flights to Europe

(Orbitz Flights)

Orbitz offers cheap flights to Europe starting at $193 one way and $143 round trip. Orbitz guarantees low prices on air tickets that can be combined with hotels and car rentals to save you even more money. 

You can use multiple airlines for flights to Europe, which guarantees the lowest fares each way and gets you the schedule that is most convenient for you. Orbitz also offers Mobile Steals on its Orbitz on the Go mobile app where you can find great mobile-only deals on hotel rooms in the area

Orbitz allows you to search, compare, and book discount domestic and international flights fast. You can get the absolute lowest prices on flights to Eastern Europe by shopping with Orbitz. Detailed baggage information is continually available for Eastern Europe flights.

 Mobile apps can also be used to share travel itineraries with family members or business associates. You can book your flights to Northern Europe through your smartphone or tablet’s Web browser using Orbitz’s mobile site, m.orbitz.com

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Plus, free downloadable apps for Android and iPhone mean it’s just a simple click to access your flight updates and alerts. You can even book exclusive mobile-only deals on hotels in Northern Europe using these apps.

Orbitz also provides vacation packages for trips to Europe, starting at $908 in 2023. The package includes flight class (economy or premium economy), star rating (4-star & up), trip length (3 nights or 4 nights), and top European attractions hand-picked by Orbitz experts. The insider guide offers tips from local experts on European travel such as the best time to go, weather conditions, off-seasons, high seasons, etc.

Orbitz is an online travel agency that allows users to book flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities. Users can search for travel and compare availability and pricing on the Orbitz website or app.

The Orbitz app lets users quickly and easily search and book flights, hotels, rental cars, and activities. Users can sort results by deals, price, or reviews. The app also allows users to securely store their payment details for faster, easier, and safe bookings.

Orbitz Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards users with Orbucks on their flight and hotel bookings. Users can redeem Orbucks on hotels in the app. However, earned Orbucks can only be redeemed for hotel stays.

The percentage of rewards earned varies by booking type and whether the user uses the website or app to book. Users can earn from 1% to 4% of their spending in rewards from booking flights, hotels, Orbitz flights and hotel packages, and activities. (Orbitz Flights)

Orbitz offers coupon codes that allow users to save money on hotels and vacation packages. Expedia is another online travel agency that offers similar services as Orbitz. Expedia also has a loyalty program called Expedia Rewards that rewards users with points on their bookings. Points can be redeemed for travel rewards such as free hotel stays or airline tickets:

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  1. Visit the Orbitz website and enter the cities of departure and arrival, the number of passengers, and the dates of travel.
  2. Pick your preferred flight from the list of alternatives, and if necessary, pick your seats.
  3. Before confirming your reservation, fill out your payment and personal information and review your itinerary.


  1. Enter your destination, departure and arrival dates, and the total number of guests on the Orbitz website.
  2. Filter your results by choosing the price range, amenities, and hotel star rating that you prefer.
  3. Choose your preferred hotel from the list of available options, and select your room type.
  4. Enter your personal and payment information, and review your itinerary before confirming your booking.

Orbitz also offers package deals that combine flights and hotels, as well as other travel services, for added savings. (Orbitz Flights)

How to cancel an Orbitz reservation

(Orbitz Flights)

To cancel an Orbitz reservation, log in to your account and go to “My Trips”. From there, you can select the reservation you want to cancel and follow the instructions. Most trips can be canceled easily, and if a refund is due, it will be processed automatically. (Orbitz Flights)

You can also view the terms of your specific tickets by clicking on “Policies and terms.” If you need further assistance, you can dial +1-877-563-0127 or visit the airline ticket counter

Or follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the Orbitz website.
  2. To access your trips, click “My Trips” in the top right corner of the page.
  3. To cancel a reservation, locate it and select “Cancel” or “Modify” next to it.
  4. Follow the prompts to cancel the reservation. You may be required to provide a reason for the cancellation.
  5. Once the cancellation process is complete, you should receive a confirmation email from Orbitz.

You can get help from Orbitz customer service if you need to cancel your reservation but are having any difficulties. Remember that different reservation types may have different cancellation policies, so read the terms and conditions carefully before canceling to avoid paying any fees or penalties. (Orbitz Flights)

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How to get a refund from Orbitz

(Orbitz Flights)

To get a refund from Orbitz, you can cancel your trip online by either canceling through the “My Trips” page and following the on-page instructions or by using the chat function. If your hotel or airline is eligible for refunds or free cancellations, fill out an online form. 

Most trips can be canceled easily, and if a refund is due, it will be processed automatically. You can also request a refund online by going to “My Trips,” finding the service you wish to cancel in your itinerary, hitting “Cancel,” and following the instructions, as prompted. If you need further assistance, you can contact customer support or visit the airline ticket counter.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Orbitz website and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on “My Trips” in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Find the reservation you want to cancel and click on “Cancel” or “Modify” next to it.
  4. Follow the prompts to cancel the reservation. You may be required to provide a reason for the cancellation.
  5. Once the cancellation process is complete, you should receive a confirmation email from Orbitz.

If you have any trouble canceling your reservation, you can contact Orbitz customer service for assistance. Keep in mind that cancellation policies may vary depending on the type of reservation you have made, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before canceling to avoid any cancellation fees or penalties. (Orbitz Flights)

Orbitz customer service phone number (Orbitz Flights)

Orbitz customer service phone numbers include (877) 397-6489 for current alerts, (312) 279-7740 from abroad, and (312) 279-7777. You can also contact customer support by calling (888) 656-4546. According to Yelp reviews, Orbitz has low customer service ratings. If you need further assistance, you can visit the help center on their website or access airline telephone numbers. (Orbitz Flights)



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