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HELB Portal
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HELB Portal

This guide will help you apply for HELB Loan for Undergraduate and TVET applicants with ease. The higher Education Loans Board (HELB) was introduced to finance Kenyan students pursuing higher education locally.

This is achieved by providing affordable loans, scholarships, and bursaries to Kenyan students pursuing higher education. There are several loan packages available for those who wish to apply.

Creating account for HELB loan application.
Creating a HELB Account

You cannot download fillable HELB forms rather you fill them out online. And once you have completed you can then print the filled forms and take them to your bank or drop them at HELB main offices at Anniversary Towers. You can also drop them off at any HUDUMA Center. If you do not have a Pin, make sure you apply for the KRA Pin as it is a requirement. HELB Portal

HELB first time registration form
HELB First Time Registration Form 

HELB Portal

Uses of HELB Loan

  1. Tuition
  2. Books and stationery
  3. Accommodation and subsistence.
How to activate HELB email
HELB Email Activation

To Create a New Account, You Will Be Required to Have:-

  1. National ID number
  2. A working email address
  3. Access to phone
HELB phone activation
HELB Phone Activation

How to Create a HELB Account and Apply for HELB Loan

a) Access the HELB website via www.helb.co.ke.

b) On the user registration tab, select applicant registration.

c) Enter your ID number and your first name as it appears on your ID. Click on validate.

d) If you have filled in the correct details, a new page will open with a registration form. Fill in all the required fields on the form. Make sure you can access the email that you provide. Also, note the password you use as you will be using it to log into the HELB Portal. Click on sign up.

e) Once successful you will get a message that you have created an account on the HELB Portal. The next step is to check your email address so as to activate your account.

f) Click on the activate link and proceed to log in using the email and password you used.

Check Your Phone for Verification Code

1. The next stage is to verify your phone. If you do not see the code on your phone, click resend phone activation. Enter the code you will get from your phone to proceed.

2. The HELB portal will open and the next thing is to confirm if the loan product you want to apply for is open. The ones that are open are in green highlight.

3. For the first time undergraduate, click on the link to proceed with the application.

4. The next page that opens alerts you that you have to go through the HELB Financial Literacy Campaign. This program is for empowering you when making financial-related decisions. Select your current year of study to continue.

Read through the contents and make sure you understand them as you will have to go through an assessment test to proceed with the HELB application. If you do not want to watch the videos provided, download a summarized PDF document at the bottom of the page. It will help you answer the questions. HELB Portal

5. If you pass the assessment, click on continue to proceed. It is time to fill out the form.

HELB Loan products
HELB Loan Products

Higher Education Loans Board-Supported Banks

Before you apply for the HELB loan, make sure you have opened a bank account. Do this at any of the following banks:

(a) Equity Bank
(b) Kenya Commercial Bank
(c) Cooperative Bank of Kenya
(d) National Bank of Kenya
(e) Kenya Post Office Savings Bank (Postbank)

HELB Portal

Application Categories or Loan Products for the Unemployed

  1. Undergraduate Loan Forms – these forms are for first-time applicants, and second, and subsequent applicants. Undergraduates can also access loan review forms.
  2. Tvet Loan / Bursary First Time For Tertiary Institutions – this comprises of Tivet Bursary and Tertiary institutions loans
  3. Postgraduate Scholarship application

HELB Loan Products for the Employed

  1. Civil Servant Training Revolving Fund
  2. Post Graduate Scholarship Application
  3. Jielimishe Loan-undergraduate (salaried Students)
  4. Jielimishe Loan-postgraduate (salaried Students): Postgraduate-diploma, Masters, Ph.D. & Professional Courses
  5. Kra Staff Training Revolving Fund

How to Fill out the HELB Loan Form

First-time applicants should select the option of undergraduate loan forms. The following stages must be filled out correctly when you apply for a HELB loan. HELB Portal

1) Personal Details – These are the applicant’s details. You will fill in the following sub-categories;

a) Step 1: Applicant’s personal details – In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their personal information. These are items such as Names, Emails, Phone Numbers, ID Numbers, Sub-location, Divisions, location, and county, among others. You should fill in this information as per your National Identification Card.

b) Step 2: Applicant’s residence details – In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their current place of residence information. Here you will fill in items such as nearest public school, Sub-location, Division, location, and constituency among others.

Education Details Section

2) Education details – For this section fill in your education details on the form capturing primary, secondary school, and any other enrollment done after that. You will be required to provide the following; Institution Name, School Type whether private or Public, Country, start Year, End Year, Index number, Grade, and Points acquired.

3) Institution Details – in this part, enter the details of the institution to which you have been admitted. You will also enter the annual fees and how much you are applying for. Applicant’s University and loan details – In this section, an applicant is required to fill out their university and loan details. Specify how much loan you require and in case you need a bursary there is a section to tick.

Parent Details Section

4) Parents’ details – you will fill in the following subcategories:-

a) Step 1: Parents/Guardian details – Parents’ Marital Status – In this section, an applicant is required to fill out parents’ marital information. Remember to specify whether you are an orphan or a single parent. If either parent is deceased you will be required to provide details of their death certificates and attach copies of the same.

b) Step 2: Father and mother details – you will fill in this information if you have indicated that your parents are alive. Once you enter the ID number and first name of your parent, the information will be verified against the one held in the database. If correct, a form will open where you will key in the rest of the details.

Step 3: in this stage, indicate all your family expenses. If there are other siblings applying for HELB, you are supposed to indicate too. HELB Portal

ID Validate
HELB ID Validating

4) Guarantor details – For this section, you will fill in your Guarantor details on the form capturing all their required details. After entering the ID number and first name, the rest of the form opens. It is compulsory to fill in two guarantors failure to do this will lead to automatic disqualification.

5) Bank details – This section requires you to fill in your Bank details on the form capturing all details as instructed.

Submitting Your HELB Form

Upon completion of filling out the form, it should be printed and delivered to the board but it must go through your bank. Forms submitted after the deadline are not processed. Ensure everything is alright before submitting because the form can not be edited afterward.

Once you print the form, you will see a checklist; follow it to make sure you have all the required documents. Make sure all those entitled to sign the form have signed it.

Submit your fully filled and signed application to HELB offices at Anniversary towers, or you can also drop your application at select Huduma centers.

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