Pwani University Student Portal

Pwani University Student Portal

The eLearning portal was implemented by Pwani University in order to improve the quality of life for their online students given the global growth in online learning. Additionally, Pwani University’s online learning program strives to get around the obstacle of geographic distance and further connects foreign students to the courses provided by this higher education facility.

This raises the question of how significant an industry is eLearning in order for institutions like Pwani to adopt it. By 2026, it is anticipated that the e-learning sector would be worth $325 billion. It makes sense for colleges, particularly in Kenya, to allow students the freedom to decide whether or not they want to study and access the curriculum outside of a traditional classroom given this impressive number. However, you must be a registered student in order to access the Pwani university portal.

Pwani University eLearning portal registration

The eLearning portal’s registration requirement has been removed by the administration and ICT department of Pwani University, allowing students to use all of its features immediately. Instead, Pwani University assigns each new distance learning student a course username and a login default password appropriate to their level of study.

The course code and year of study are combined to create each username. Your login, for instance, might be eb01year1 if you were a first-year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Education (Arts).

Pwani University elearning portal
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To get the credentials needed to access the Pwani University portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Using your favourite search engine, visit the Pwani University official website.
  2. Click on the Portals tab, and a drop-down menu will be displayed.
  3. Select the E-learning Guidelines tab
  4. Click on the appropriate level of study link to access the course username and default password which is in line with your level of study. For instance, if you are taking an undergraduate course, click on the Undergraduate Studies link and a list of username and password is displayed.
  5. Pwani University eLearning portal login and password reset

    To login to the online platform:

    1. Navigate to the Pwani University homepage
    2. Click the Portal tab and scroll down.
    3. Select and click the Elearning portal
    4. Fill in the username and default password provided previously.
    5. Click the Login button.

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    To reset password:

    1. Go to the login page
    2. Click on the part written, “forgotten your username or password?” It’s below the login section.
    3. Fill in your username or email address.
    4. Click the Search button and instructions will be sent on how to reset your password and gain access to the portal.

    How to use Pwani University online learning portal

    After login into the Pwani University eLearning platform, students can access the following:

    • Course enrolled
    • Course structure
    • Academic calendar
    • Dashboard area
    • Notification panel
    • Private files
    • Student profile section
    • A summary area showing critical metrics about the student’s course progress.

The contact button also allows students to interact with an instructor and receive quick responses. In situations where you wish to learn more about a task, the grade awarded for a test, or schoolwork in general, the conversation section is helpful.

Additionally, you can upload a photo to the profile section. You may see a list of all the programs you have signed up for, together with their themes and course materials, under “My Courses.” Additionally, there is a space for course-related announcements and a notification button you can hit to receive timely information.

Pwani University elearning portal
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Source: UGC

The best thing about this portal is that it has a section for Pwani University exam results under the Student Affairs page where students can get the most recent information on how they did. The findings will determine whether a student will take a supplemental exam or move on to the next semester.

Follow these easy procedures to check your exam results for that semester:

  1. On the official university homepage, click on the Student Affairs tab.
  2. Click the Examination Result button. A comprehensive list of results based on the school is displayed.
  3. Scroll until you find your school name. Click the exam result link attached under it.
  4. Use your registration number to check whether you appear on the list of those who passed or failed.

In the past ten years, eLearning has experienced tremendous growth. Because of the flexibility, individualized attention, and simple access to knowledge offered by online courses, more students than ever are choosing to take them. Higher education institutions are employing eLearning portals as a result to guarantee that current information is accessible through a single point of entry.

Students can easily access course materials and even speak with lecturers through Pwani University’s online learning platform. The student can quickly visit the dashboard and notification section to learn about impending exams or important information regarding a specific subject.

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