How to Return Bottles at Walmart? (Locations, Hours, + More)

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How to Return Bottles at Walmart?; Returning bottles to Walmart is a fantastic way to declutter and earn extra money. However, navigating the process can be challenging if you are unfamiliar with it. This comprehensive guide will assist you in returning your bottles efficiently. See Also: Why Are There No Walmarts In New York?

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Does Walmart Accept Bottle Returns?

In states with “bottle bills,” Walmart accepts bottle returns. Bottle bills require customers to pay a fee when buying beer, soft drinks, and water in containers. Returning the container to a designated redemption centre refunds this fee.

Bottle deposit laws exist in California, Connecticut, Iowa, Hawaii, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon, and Vermont. Walmart accepts empty bottles from residents of these states. See Also: What Is a Walmart SKU? (A Comprehensive Guide 2023)

How Much Can I Get for Return Bottles at Walmart?

Walmart refunds bottles by state and container. Most states with bottle bills give 10 cents per bottle returned, up to $25 daily.

Return stations print “bottle slips” for returned bottles. Take the bottle slip to the checkout counter for your refund.

What Are Walmart Bottle Return Locations?

You can check the store’s website or use the store locator tool to find Walmart bottle return locations. Here’s how:

  1. Visit on your computer or phone.
  2. Click “Store Finder” at the top.
  3. Click “search” and enter your zip code or city and state.
  4. Your local Walmart will appear. Bottle returns are more likely at stores with “bottle return” or “redemption center” in the description.
  5. Click the store name for Walmart bottle return hours, services, and directions.

Call or visit the customer service desk to find out the store’s bottle return policy and location.

What Are Walmart’s Bottle Return Hours?

The store’s bottle return machines are usually open 24/7. This suggests that Walmart bottle return machines will be open 24/7 if the store is.

What Bottles Can I Return to Walmart?

Regarding bottles, Walmart generally only accepts glass bottles for return. Only glass bottles are eligible for refunds in most states with bottle bills. They are reusable and recyclable, so they are never discarded. See Also: When Does Walmart Restock?

You can return plastic bottles and aluminum cans to Walmart, but you will not receive a refund. You can bring them to a designated recycling centre, such as the Community Recycling Hub, to ensure they are appropriately recycled.

Although you will not receive a refund for these containers, you will contribute to waste reduction and environmental protection!

How do I return bottles at Walmart?

To return bottles at Walmart, follow these simple steps:

  1. Return your bottles. Find the bottle return area by asking a store employee.
  2. Wait for the machine to process each bottle.
  3. Take your bottle slip from the machine to the checkout.
  4. Refund with bottle slip.

Check your bottle slips carefully before bringing them to the counter, as you can only return up to $25 worth of bottles per day.

How do I prepare bottles for Return at Walmart?

To return bottles to Walmart, thoroughly rinse them and remove any caps or lids. This will expedite the acceptance and processing of your bottles. 

Once your bottles are adequately prepared, you can take them to the bottle return area and follow the abovementioned steps. 

Can I Return Bottles Bought from Other Stores?

Walmart will not take back bottles bought from other stores. To take care of the return and give a refund, the store needs a record of the sale.

If you want to return bottles from another store, you must contact that store to determine if they accept bottle returns and their policies and procedures. Occasionally, stores accept returns on bottles purchased from other stores, so it is essential to check with them first.


Walmart bottle returns are a great way to save money and the environment. Walmart refunds $25 for glass bottles daily. To get your refund, take your bottles to the return area, insert them into the machine, wait for a slip, and present them at the checkout counter.

Follow the steps above to return bottles and get your refund!

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