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Tausi Tamisemi Portal

Tausi Tamisemi Portal. (Tamisemi Tausi Taxpayer Portal / Tausi Portal Tamisemi) is an online portal established by the Government of Tanzania to assist Tanzanian entrepreneurs and businesses in obtaining the required permits and licenses from local councils and municipalities. The launch of a new strategy. Self-service access to services provided by Local Government Authorities (LGA) is facilitated by the Tausi Portal.

The Tausi Portal provides access to various government services, including Business License, Liquor License, Hotel License, and Building Permit, via tausi.tamisemi.go.tz. In addition, it provides information on government programs and services and facilitates the interchange of information and resources between the government and its citizens. Through Tausi Tamisemi, citizens can gain access to the information and resources required to make informed decisions regarding their businesses and futures.

This Tausi Portal Tamisemi enables Tanzanian citizens to access government services from the convenience of their own homes, without having to visit government offices. This portal allows citizens to save both time and money when obtaining services. Additionally, the portal makes obtaining government services simpler and more convenient for citizens.

Providing services

This portal provides access to all services pertaining to the acquisition of licenses, permits, land holdings, rental properties, and payments for levies. Create an account using your NIN number to apply. To apply as an individual, amend your TIN (personal TIN) information in your user profile. To apply on behalf of an institution or business, submit an introductory letter to the relevant Council. The Council will update your account with the TIN and NIN information supplied in the introduction letter.

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Create an account on the Tausi Tamisemi Portal

  • Check out the Tamisemi website at https://tausi.tamisemi.go.tz/.
  • Click “Create account” on the government’s “Tausi Tamisemi” portal page.
  • In Step 2, enter your NIN and mobile number. Enter your NIN and mobile number.
  • Taxpayer Verification Creates Username and Password One-time password, Create an account username and password. Keep them safe and don’t disclose them.
  • Application Submission, After completing all steps, click “Submit” to submit your application.
  • Obtain Business License

Tausi Tamisemi Portal Sign In

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  • Check out the Tamisemi website at https://tausi.tamisemi.go.tz/.
  • Click “sign in” on the government’s “Tausi Tamisemi” portal page.
  • Then enter login information.
    • NIN Username
    • Password
  • After completing all procedures, click “Sign In” to access system dashboard.

Tausi Tamisemi Contacts

Are you experiencing any challenges in using the TAUSI System?
Contact your Council Director’s Office or our Customer Service Center

  • WhatsApp, SMS – +255735 160 210
  • Call – +255262 160 210

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Official website of Tausi Tamisemi Portal: https://tausi.tamisemi.go.tz/

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