Telkom Data Prices in 2023

Telkom Data Prices in 2023

Telkom data prices in 2023: The most affordable data in South Africa. Unquestionably among the most economical in South Africa are Telkom data bundles. Numerous individuals browse the web, download files, and watch live-streaming content using Telkom’s wireless and cabled internet connections.

Since the internet has become a necessary component of most people’s life, demand for trustworthy and reasonably priced data is rising. How much does Telkom data cost right now, and which plan is best for you?

Telkom prepaid data deals
The new Telkom logo. Photo: telkom_za
Source: Instagram

Telkom offers a variety of internet package options for prepaid, hybrid, and postpaid customers. Prices for Telkom internet bundles typically change depending on a number of variables, including price, speed, and validity. Hence, when shopping for the appropriate bundle, being aware of some of these aspects may be helpful.

Telkom data prices in 2023

Here is a look at the different data packages offered by Telkom South Africa and their respective prices.

FreeMe bundles

Telkom data bundle prices
Telkom FreeMe bundles promotional poster. Photo: @telkom_za
Source: Instagram

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To enable you to use WhatsApp to send messages and make calls, play video games, and stream YouTube videos, FreeMe bundles include voice call minutes and SMS. The available FreeMe packages and their associated costs are shown below.

  • FreeMe 300MB at R29
  • FreeMe 500MB at R39
  • FreeMe 800MB at R99
  • FreeMe 1.5GB at R139
  • FreeMe 3GB at R189
  • FreeMe 6GB at R289
  • FreeMe 11.5GB at R389
  • FreeMe 28GB at R689
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Telkom Data Prices in 2023

Social bundles

Subscribers can access all social media sites through Telkom social bundles to stay in touch with the rest of the world. To choose a suitable package from the daily, weekly, or monthly plans, dial *180#. This is a look at the available daily social bundles and their accompanying rates.

Keep in mind that these Telkom data bundles last for 24 hours.

  • 25MB at R2
  • 50MB at R3
  • 75MB at R4
  • 100MB at R5
  • 250MB at R10
  • 500MB at R15

Weekly social bundles

These seven-day bundles are less expensive than daily plans because data charges are typically inversely correlated with the size of the bundle and the duration of the activation period. The costs for the social packages for Telkom data bundles are listed below.

  • 75MB at R5
  • 100MB at R8
  • 250MB at R12
  • 500MB at R18
  • 1GB at R35
  • 2GB at R60

Monthly social bundles

These Telkom data deals last for 31 days, and the options to select from are listed below:

  • 100MB at R10
  • 250MB at R15
  • 500MB at R25
  • 1GB at R40
  • 2GB at R70
  • 3GB at R100

Time-based data bundles

Telkom Data Prices in 2023

Keeping track of how much time you spend online allows you to reduce data loss. With this service, consumers can set aside specific times to use the internet. The time-based Telkom data plans are listed below.

  • Hourly package: 75MB per hour at R5
  • Weekend package: 100MB at R10
  • Daily package: 150MB at R10.10
  • Weekend package: 200MB at R19
  • Weekend package: 500MB at R29
  • Weekend package: 1GB at R49
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100GB Night Surfer package

100GB Night Surfer package
The night surfer package poster. Photo: @telkom_za
Source: Instagram

This is a Once-off data deal that is valid for 31 days from the date of activation. The bundles can only be used between midnight and 7 am. Any unused data after 31 days is forfeited. The package costs R149. Telkom Data Prices in 2023

LTE wireless prepaid bundles

Telkom LTE deals come with several lucrative options that cater to all users’ needs, including Telkom night surfers. The uncapped LTE allows one to use as much data as one want without worrying about data limits. You can buy any of these alternatives

Most users choose these packages because they last for a long time (61 days), saving time to subscribe to the daily or weekly packages. Here is a look at the Telkom prepaid data deals in 2023.

  • 10GB at R59
  • 20GB at R99
  • 40GB at R149
  • 80GB at R199
  • 120GB at R249
  • 180GB at R349
  • 2TB at R699

LTE wireless unlimited

Any internet user who feels constrained when using a capped data bundle would love these offerings. Feel free to select one of these bundles if you want the flexibility to browse, download, or stream without worrying about reaching your limit.

  • 10mbps unlimited at R449 per month
  • 20mbps unlimited at R599 per month
  • Unlimited off-peak bundle at R349 per month

Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) bundles

Telkom prepaid data deals
An infographic showing new Telkom FTTH coverage. Photo: @telkom_za
Source: Instagram

Is fiber-to-the-home available from Telkom? It does, indeed. An end-to-end fiber optic cable connection is offered by a fiber-to-the-home service, resulting in quicker speeds and consistent coverage. The FTTH plans offered by Telkom are shown below. Telkom Data Prices in 2023

  • 25mbps at R399 per month
  • 50mbps at R699 per month
  • 100mbps at R899 per month
  • 200mbps at R1169 per month
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DSL bundles

Customers can separate their phone lines using Telkom’s DSL service so that data transmissions and voice calls use different frequencies. By doing this, a data connection won’t be cut off when a call comes in. The available DSL unlimited plans are shown below.

  • 5mbps at R199 per month
  • 10mbps at R299 per month
  • 20mbps at R399 per month
  • 40mbps at R499 per month

South Africans of all social strata and financial levels may now use the internet thanks in large part to the competitive Telkom data tariffs. Every user can select a data bundle that works for them thanks to the various costs, validity times, and caps.

Many alternatives are available for different consumers in the Telkom data tariffs for different packages. Data packages are offered by the company for light, medium, and heavy internet users. Also, the various packages let one select the pricing, validity, and data restrictions that work best for them. Telkom Data Prices in 2023

This article does not address specific situations and is just meant for general informative reasons. It should not be used as a substitute for expert counsel or assistance when making decisions. You solely bear all risk and responsibility for actions taken in reliance on the information included in this article. Telkom Data Prices in 2023

You may frequently need to check your amount after purchasing your preferred data bundle, especially if it is not an unlimited bundle. Fortunately, Telkom has provided a number of ways to accomplish this.



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