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Temple Tu Portal

Explore the Temple University – TU Student Portal and login to access online resources such as TUportal, TUmail, and Canvas, with an AccessNet username and password.

About Temple University

Temple University is located in one of the most famous cities in the United States. Temple educates diverse future leaders from Philadelphia, the United States, and around the world who share a common desire to learn, prepare for jobs, and make a genuine difference.

Through innovative teaching, research, and other creative efforts, Temple University teaches a lively student body and generates new knowledge. Our urban context offers transformative opportunities for engaged scholarship, immersive learning, and self-, other-, and world-discovery. We welcome a diverse community of learners and academics who aspire to make the impossible a reality.

Temple University – Tu Portal

The Temple University – TU Student doorway, often known as TUPortal, serves as a doorway to all online services, including TUportal, TUmail, Canvas, Learning Management System (LMS), and eLearning. TU students can gain access using their AccessNet login and password. Also, phones associated with Two-Step Verification can be used to update your addresses.

How to Access TU Student Portal

To get started here is the simple step to access your TUPortal

  1. Browse the Temple University – TU Website
  2. Navigate to the top right corner of the homepage
  3. Locate and Tap on TUportal
  4. Here’s your TUportal Login page

How to Login TU Portal

Here is a quick way to login TUPortal

  1. Discover the TU Portal via
  2. Enter your AccessNet Username and Password
  3. Tap Login

Access TU Email

After completing your tuition deposit or Graduate Matriculation Fee, the new student will be assigned a TUmail account.

The email address you provided on your application will be used to send instructions for activating your account at To complete the process, you will need your nine-digit TUid.

To access your email;

  1. Login to TUmail or TUportal here
  2. Enter your AccessNet Username and Password
  3. If you log in to TUportal, click TUmail to access your mail.

Your TU email address is (for example, You also have the option to customize your email address using one or more aliases.

How to Activate your AccessNet Account

After you request admissions information, are hired as an employee, or are given guest access, you will receive your AccessNet account information in an email, usually within 24 hours. To begin using the account:

  1. Sig in
  2. Tap Activate AccessNet account on the right.
  3. Fill all fields required with your details
  4. Tap Submit.

How to Change your Password

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your AccessNet Username and Password
  3. Tap your Password and follow the instruction

Note that if your password has already expired, you can still reset it. Your password will periodically expire to keep your account secure. You will receive an email notification and reminder ahead of time letting you know when this will happen so you can change your password.

Resetting Security Questions

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your AccessNet username and password.
  3. Tap security questions and follow the prompt.





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