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UDOM University is located approximately 8 kilometers east of the city center and is easily accessible by public transportation from the city center.

Because of Dodoma’s central location, UDOM is strategically located to serve applicants from around the country, particularly government and commercial sector employees living in Dodoma who have yet to find training opportunities in the area.

udom sr2 login sr2 results | Student Record Management System (SRMS)

UDOM Student Portal is a newly created portal for admission (freshmen) and returning students from the university to create an account or log in to easily perform certain academic procedures, such as course registration, fee payment, view admission list / status, check semester result, admission fee payment procedures, Transcript, academic calendar display, additional credit hours, admission postponement, and so on.

UDOM SR2 Login | UDOM Sr2 Login Online

UDOM SR2, UDOM Login, UDOM SR System, UDOM SR Results, sr2.udom.ac.tz login, UDOM SR Login 2023/2024. Public transportation is extensively available from the city center and can be used to travel to the University, which is approximately 8 kilometers east of the city center.

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Because of Dodoma’s central location, UDOM is well-positioned to serve applicants from all over the country, particularly Dodoma-based government and private sector professionals who have previously struggled to obtain training choices in the region.

These workers can simply use UDOM to combine employment and study for professional advancement. Because of its geographical location and the climate in Dodoma, UDOM is a viable option for international students.

The Best Way To Modify/Reset Your UDOM SR2 Student Portal Login Password

Have you forgotten your profile or the password to your school portal? Please follow the steps below to retrieve or change your password, and don’t worry:

  • Go to the Portal Login page to get started.
  • After that, click the Forgot/Change Password link and fill in the necessary information.
  • press the submit button.

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) student login portal can be accessed via the link below. https://sr2.udom.ac.tz/site/login

UDOM Student Record Management System

(SRMS): https://sr.udom.ac.tz/ or  https://sr2.udom.ac.tz/auth

Official UDOM Website: https://www.udom.ac.tz/home

What does the University of Dodoma (UDOM) ARIS do?
The ARIS system allows UDOM employees and students to manage their administrative tasks online. Here is an example of what ARIS can do:

  1. the students
  2. faculty of school
  • View the student list for each course
  • Publish the results of the session
  • Track student progress
Udom Sr2 Login Sr2 Results Student Record Management System (Srms) 6

The Student Record Management System (SRMS)

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) has made the Student Record Management System (SRMS) and Staff Portal available online for its undergraduate, diploma, postgraduate, certificate, master’s, and doctorate programs.

The UDOM Student Portal is intended to allow newly accepted (freshmen) and returning students of the University to create an account or log in to conveniently execute particular academic actions.

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Course registration, fee payment, examining admission lists and status, reviewing semester results, fee payment methods, transcript viewing, extra credit hours, postponing admission, and so on.

Students Portal at University of Dodoma (UDOM)

The UDOM Student Portal contains information about the University of Dodoma’s (UDOM) courses, admission requirements, departmental cutoff marks, school fee payment policies, academic calendar, result checker, handbook, grading system, school fee schedule, and how to calculate your points (GP & CGPA), as well as other learning-related activities.



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