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UIC Blackboard: Helpful Guide To Access UIC Portal

UIC Blackboard: A Guide to Using the UIC Portal. Welcome to the new and improved There are numerous new features. The site is more tailored to your position at the university. The system will improve the user experience. Remember that you can still modify the new portal. Please spend some time exploring the videos to learn how to navigate and use the portal’s features.

UIC Blackboard: A Guide to Using the UIC Portal
Once your UIC NetID and password have been activated, you can use them to access most authenticated University of Illinois computing and networking services (e.g., Self-Service Enterprise applications like Student Registration & Records, Financial Aid) as well as UIC campus-based services like email, Blackboard, Wifi, and computer labs.

There is just one NetID. Only one password. Your new NetID is a one-of-a-kind identity that has been assigned to you. It is included in your UIC email address ( and serves as your login name for these services.

A strong, well-managed password is essential for safeguarding your access to University of Illinois computing resources. The activation procedure involves configuring password recovery options for self-service management, so you’ll be ready if you need to retrieve your password.

UIC Shibboleth Login

This service, uPortal 5 – Production, supports multiple groups associated with the University of Illinois System. Select one of the following to go to the appropriate login screen. Choose from the following:

  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • University of Illinois Springfield
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

UIC Blackboard login link==>>

What is my NetID?

Your Network ID (NetID) is a network login assigned to you that is unique across all University of Illinois campuses. It serves as your login to many University computing and networking services.

A UIC NetID and password are required for:

  • Using Technology Solutions services such as UIC email, UIC-WiFi, Blackboard, personal computer labs and printers.
  • Accessing the portal website
  • Logging in to various secured or personalized UIC and University of Illinois websites and services.


NetIDs are automatically assigned when the student’s application for admission is accepted. The pre-assigned NetID is revealed to the student when they complete UIC NetID Activation and establish their password for the first time.


claim their NetIDs and set up their passwords when they complete the onboarding UI New Hire application. If an employee has a previously assigned NetID, that NetID will be displayed within this application.  Employees without a previously assigned NetID will select their NetID via this process.

Activate  NetId

Welcome to my.UIC, the University of Illinois at Chicago portal. my.UIC will serve as your gateway to the University. Degree-seeking students will use this application from now through graduation.

How do I activate my portal account (my.UIC)?

my.UIC is a secure web site available to students admitted to UIC. To access and utilize the services within my.UIC, you must activate your NetID and password.

Important: Before you activate your NetID, please note that you will not be able to change your password over the phone. It is your responsibility to remember and protect your password. To avoid a visit to campus (in person), be sure to register Password Recovery Options:

  • Non-UIC email
  • SMS Mobile Number (Text-Enabled Phone Number)
  • Voice Callback Phone Number (non-UIC)

You will need two pieces of information to activate your NetID:

  • Your University Identification Number (UIN)
  • Token: Tokens are sent to all newly admitted students via email approximately 7 days after admission. If you haven’t received a token and it has been lonegr than 7 days, please submit a Help Ticket.

Note: Undergraduate Intent to Enroll is not completed in the portal activation process. You must log into my.UIC and submit your Intent to Enroll through the UIC Connect tab.

Note: Activating your NetID and password does not mean you have submitted your Intent to Enroll. Undergraduate students must visit the UIC Connect tab in my.UIC to submit the Intent to Enroll.

Are you a new UIC employee? 

You will create your NetID and password in UI New HireUI New Hire Login, To access UI New Hire, please enter your Login ID and Password created by your hiring unit. The Login ID and password are case-sensitive. link

UIC Blackboard: Helpful Guide To Access UIC Portal

Already have a UIC NetID and password? Go to:

Click here if you have forgotten your password: Password



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