Walmart’s Bereavement Policy 2023: What Should You Know?

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Walmart has an employee bereavement policy. This policy defines immediate relatives, bereavement leave, and salary. Walmart’s bereavement policy is answered here!

What Is Walmart’s Bereavement Policy?

Walmart’s bereavement policy lets eligible workers grieve. The approach allows up to three days off for funerals and travel.

The policy covers the employee, spouse, domestic partner, children, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings, and spouses. It includes the employee’s stepchildren, stepparents, and in-laws. It could be a roommate. See Also: Walmart App Not Working? Fix It Here!

The “Associate Cares Fund” provides financial assistance to eligible Walmart employees during crises, including family loss. Walmart and customers donate to this fund.

How Much Are Employees Paid on Bereavement Days?

Walmart pays eligible employees for up to three bereavement days at their regular rate. A $15-per-hour employee would be delivered that rate for the three days of bereavement leave.

Bereavement leave pay is subject to federal, state, and local taxes and deductions.

Vacation and sick leave can also be used with bereavement leave to extend or increase pay.

Can You Take Longer Than Three Days Off?

Walmart offers up to three days of paid leave to eligible employees who have lost a family member. Employees needing more time off to grieve or handle related matters can request a Personal Leave of Absence.

Walmart offers paid vacation and sick time to eligible employees. After bereavement leave expires, an employee may use vacation or sick time to take additional days off. Some states and localities require employers to provide further bereavement or other types of leave, such as family or medical leave, to eligible employees. Related: How to Find Walmart Clearance Items?

Employees should check their state and local laws and Walmart’s policies to determine what types of leave are available and how to request more time off. Employees should communicate with their supervisor or human resources representative to comply with Walmart’s attendance policies and properly document absences.

What Factors Do Supervisors Take into Account When Evaluating the Length of Leave to Issue?

Walmart supervisors may consider several factors when determining bereavement leave length:

  1. Supervisors may consider the employee’s relationship with the deceased. Employees may grant extended leave if they have lost a parent or child.
  2. The employee’s job duties: Supervisors may consider how the employee’s absence will affect the business. Supervisors may need to weigh the employee’s need for leave against the business’s needs if the employee’s absence would disrupt the workplace.
  3. The funeral or memorial service’s length and travel time: Supervisors may consider the funeral or memorial service’s length and travel time when granting leave.
  4. Available leave options: Supervisors may consider employee vacation time, sick time, and other state or local leave options.

Walmart’s bereavement policy requires employees to discuss their needs with supervisors and provide documentation. Employees should review Walmart’s attendance policies and state and local laws regarding bereavement leave.

How do I take Bereavement Leave at Walmart?

To get bereavement leave at Walmart, eligible employees should follow these steps:

  1. Inform their manager or HR: Employees should request bereavement leave immediately after a family member dies. Obtain a death certificate or obituary.
  2. Confirm eligibility: Supervisors or HR staff should verify employee eligibility.
  3. Request time off: Employees should request time off for the funeral or memorial service and travel. Walmart’s bereavement policy allows up to three paid days off, but employees can use other leave options if needed.
  4. Follow Walmart’s attendance policies and procedures for requesting time off and returning to work. If they need to extend their leave or have questions, employees should contact their supervisor or HR representative.

Walmart’s bereavement policy requires employees to discuss their needs with their supervisor or HR representative and provide documentation.

Does the Law Require Walmart to Provide Bereavement Leave? 

Walmart and other private employers in the US are not required to offer bereavement leave. However, some states and localities mandate bereavement leave for employers.

Some states, like Oregon, Minnesota, and Illinois, require employers to give bereaved employees unpaid leave. California and Massachusetts mandate paid bereavement leave for employers. Checkout: What Is a Walmart SKU? (A Comprehensive Guide 2023)

Walmart’s bereavement policy in many jurisdictions gives eligible employees up to three days of paid time off after a loss. Walmart covers stepchildren, stepparents, and in-laws, which may not be required by law in all jurisdictions.


Bereavement Leave for Part-Time Workers?

Walmart employees get the same time off for family deaths. Even if they work full-time, part-time, or temporarily. Bereavement leave is three days for all employees.

Do All Walmart Locations Give Bereavement Leave?

YES, All Walmart stores in the US and Puerto Rico offer bereavement leave. Employees should check with their local human resources department for bereavement policies.


Walmart offers eligible employees up to three days of paid leave for bereavement. This policy covers many family members and applies to all full-time, part-time, or temporary employees. It goes beyond what many jurisdictions require. Employees should request time off after a family member dies and provide a death certificate or obituary to their supervisor or HR representative.

Walmart’s attendance policies help employees take time without disrupting work.

Walmart’s bereavement policy helps employees grieve.

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