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Who is Laura Ingraham’s husband?

Who is the husband of Laura Ingraham? Her dating history is filled with interesting details. One of the most well-liked conservative commentators in the US is Laura Ingraham. She has hosted her own talk show, The Ingraham Angle, since 1997 and has appeared on Fox News. She also runs a website called and a podcast called “The Laura Ingraham Show”. Dan Schulman, her spouse and the founder of his own legal business, is a 57-year-old lawyer who has been practicing law for almost 30 years. Laura Ingraham

Who is Laura Ingle husband?
Who is Laura Ingraham’s husband

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She’s not married

You might be curious about Laura Ingraham‘s marital status. It comes out that she is not wed. She has never been married and doesn’t appear to have any immediate plans to do so. She hasn’t even had a single engagement, in fact!

We can only discover one date with Donny Deutsch in 2007 for her, which is the closest thing to a relationship we can find (that lasted about four months). She had only ever ridden in an airplane once before meeting him as well.

Her boyfriend is a conservative writer and speechwriter

David Michael Porter is Laura’s spouse. He is a conservative author and speechwriter who has written material for politicians such as Mitt Romney, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, and Donald Trump. He was also a speechwriter for John McCain during his 2008 presidential campaign. Laura Ingraham

What takes care of Laura for David? He basically serves as her sounding board when she needs one. “I have this circle of buddies that I can bounce things off,” Laura has stated about her husband on Fox News’ Your World With Neil Cavuto broadcast in 2010. “One is my college sweetheart and husband David,” she says. Laura Ingraham

He has advocated for conservative causes in the past

He has previously supported conservative causes. He has contributed to conservative periodicals like Time and the National Review. According to The New York Times, he has also written speeches for a number of conservative leaders, including President George H. W. Bush and Vice President Dan Quayle while they were in office.

Since 2002, Ingraham’s spouse has featured on Fox News as an analyst and commentator in addition to his employment as a copywriter and editor (the same year he married Laura Ingraham). As a network official pundit since 2016, he has appeared on programs like Fox & Friends Weekend and Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner. Laura Ingraham

Two of the men she dated in the ’80s were once roommates

She once shared a room with two of the men she dated in the 1980s. The first was Mike McKeon, a conservative attorney who later served as President George H. W. Bush’s staff director before moving on to serve as Senator Orrin Hatch’s staff director (R-UT). The second was Tim Russert, one of the most well-known journalists in American television news and later an anchor for NBC News.

During their stay at Williams College in Massachusetts, both men shared a room. They informed her they had learned this while collaborating on a project that required them to interview their fellow classmates about politics. Also, they studied law at Georgetown University together. Laura Ingraham

She dated former NFL player Jay Paterno

When Laura Ingraham first met Jay Paterno, he was a student at Dartmouth College. Paterno shared her birthplace in Glendale, California, and they belonged to the same social group. After two years of dating, they announced their engagement to get married in 1990.

Up to his death from lung cancer in 2012, the pair remained friends after divorcing in 1991. The famed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno’s former NFL player son also leaves behind Jennifer and Stefanie, two kids with his wife Gail. Laura Ingraham

She dated Keith Olbermann, one of her critics on air

You might have seen Laura Ingraham on The Ingraham Angle on FOX TV. If you were watching, you may have assumed that Laura and her co-hosts were going about their usual business. Yet, if you actually observed them, you might have seen that there was tension in the air and that something was amiss with their body language.

The fact that this conflict has been present for so long is what makes it more intriguing. It began when Laura started dating Keith Olbermann, who CNN Money has referred to as a “vicious critic of President Trump” (see above). He was also the host of The Resistance with Keith Olbermann, which has been showing on the GQ Network since September 2018, and Countdown with Keith Olbermann, which aired on MSNBC from 2003 to 2012. Laura Ingraham

They first connected while working together at Fox News in 2007, but they soon parted ways because of their divergent political ideologies. Still, they remained friends until 2011, when an argument brought them back together once more, only this time… as rivals?

In 1998 she was engaged to businessman Robert Torricelli

Robert Torricelli was among the most intriguing persons in Ingraham’s life. The Democrat from New Jersey served in congress but also ran unsuccessfully for the Senate in 2000 and 2002. After failing to win reelection in 2006, he began working as a consultant for Cantor Fitzgerald, earning $100,000 annually. When Torricelli called Laura Ingraham’s radio show on WTKS-FM in 1999 while she was working in radio broadcasting, they became friends (now WKGS). Soon after first meeting in person at a gathering that former Republican presidential candidate Steve Forbes gave at his Virginia Beach, Virginia, home, they were engaged.

Years of engagement between Ingraham and Torricelli came to an end when there were suspicions that he had been unfaithful to another lady during that time.

She isn’t a fan of online dating

She told the New York Times in an interview that she believed it to be a waste of time and resources. “I’m not looking to date again.”

It’s understandable why Ingraham would feel this way given her previous love engagements. Ingraham had a relationship with one of her producers in 2009. (who was married at the time). They spent the night together while his wife was out of town, and were seen kissing outside a hotel room at the Fox News offices in New York City. The pictures gained notoriety after being released by TMZ, which claimed that he had filed for divorce after finding out about their romance. Laura Ingraham

Ingraham has since moved on from that union and doesn’t appear eager to fall in love once more. She stated to Vanity Fair last year that she is content being single and has no plans to get married again:

Ingraham has no plans to remarry.

She explains, “I’ve been with my partner for five years. “I don’t want to be married again, and I don’t want to have kids.”

I don’t need a man in my life if you know what I mean. I’m pretty satisfied with my life and my profession.

When asked about her dating life during her first year on Fox News, Ingraham responded, “If you want someone who’s going to take care of you at night and make sure you’re warm and fed, there’s nothing wrong with that,” according to the Guardian. Ingraham has always placed a high priority on her career.

Final Word

Last but not least, Laura Ingraham has been dating for more than 30 years. She has been in a number of committed partnerships, but she doesn’t seem anxious to be hitched again. In fact, it appears that she is happier alone and free to do as she pleases, unencumbered by anybody else’s expectations than she is married.





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