Who is the ugliest man in the world? A list of all the ugly men

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Who is the world’s ugliest man? Certainly not a moniker that anyone would voluntarily adopt. However, there are benefits associated with the world’s extremes. It takes courage for the crowned individuals to reveal a human side that most people learn to avoid. Everyone must learn to accept their insecurities and physical flaws.

Most people are preoccupied with fawning over celebrity hotties and rarely consider the ugly men of the world. Many may find the face of the ugliest man repulsive, but by their admission, they have accepted the ugliest man’s crown—the undisputed example of horror.

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like if everyone were identical? It would be annoying, wouldn’t it? Indeed, the differences that God has endowed us with balance our society. It is difficult to be called ugly and crowned for it, but the facts are clear, and there is no alternative to accepting your flaws.

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Interestingly, the title of “ugliest man in the world” has not been held by a single individual but passed from one person to another. Numerous individuals have emerged to challenge the Guinness record for the ugliest man. Who is the current king?

Who is the ugliest man in the world?

Would losing the title of the world’s ugliest man disturb you? Many would not attempt to enter the competition because it would confirm their greatest fears. Therefore, competitors who compete for the top spot must be courageous.

You’ve probably heard of the ugliest man in the world, who lives in Uganda. Is the story accurate, and is he the champion of the most repulsive men on earth? The ugliest man is truly in a league of his own, thrust into the spotlight for something few would dare to do.

#1.Godfrey Baguma

Godfrey Baguma is the ugliest man in the world and even holds a Guinness World Record for his grotesque appearance. He was born in Uganda, where he currently resides. Godfrey worked as a cobbler, a job that barely supported him. Godfrey decided to compete in the Ugliest Man in the World contest because he was under intense pressure to improve his living conditions and earn a living.

Due to his grotesque appearance, he triumphed. Godfrey Baguma has a rare condition that makes him appear like a strange creature. His face is deformed, with various lumps—characteristics that easily earned him the title of the world’s ugliest man.

According to Tony Wilson, the head of medicine at Mbarara Hospital in western Uganda, Godfrey suffers from a rare condition known as Fibrodysplasia. This condition affects the growth and positioning of cell tissues, resulting in widespread abnormalities throughout his head and brain. Thankfully, he cannot transmit the disease to his children, and the condition is easily treatable with the proper medication.

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Godfrey is currently a local celebrity and performs African Pop music. His YouTube videos are accumulating millions of views. And if you believed that the man with the ugliest face in the world could not find a wife, you are mistaken. Godfrey is married and has eight children.

#2.William Masvinu

Wiliam Masivinu was called Zimbabwe’s ugliest man for a long time, but he has since lost the title to another individual, a decision he vehemently contested. Every year, Zimbabwe holds Mr. Ugly, a contest that celebrates the beauty in ugliness.

Since its inception in Beitbridge in 2009, the competition has gained immense popularity, with numerous contestants vying for the top spot. William Masvinu, the reigning champion, always seems to satisfy each year. He has benefited from endorsements that allow him to capitalize on his deformity.

It is remarkable that William takes pride in his horror and receives awards for it. According to him, winning the title in Zimbabwe is one of the greatest achievements of his life. Probably one of the world’s ugliest people, he easily challenges the Guinness World Record holder.

#3.Maison Sere

He is the individual whose grotesque smile appears to be his defining feature. Maison has also held the title of the ugliest person in Zimbabwe after defeating William Masivinu, a decision that did not sit well with the previous titleholder.

Maison lacks several teeth, and his appearance is unattractive. Worse still, he wore a torn overall during the competition, where he dethroned Masivilu, creating the perfect unappealing stage appearance.

#4. Joshua Glen Box

Are you still asking yourself, “Who is the ugliest man in the world?” In 2018, Joshua rose to prominence after being accused of being a child predator. Due to his deformed face, anyone viewing his online images would have ranked him as the ugliest man in the world.

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Joshua is certainly repulsive-looking. In 2015, he attempted suicide by shooting himself in the face when he was first charged with child pornography. Unfortunately, he did not die and lived to endure the disfigurement caused by the gunshot to his face.

#5.Michael Berryman

Michael was likely the ugliest young boy in the world due to his rare medical condition. The renowned actor is 72 and has hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, a lack of sweat glands, hair, and nails. Because of his horrifying appearance, he has secured numerous roles in horror films.

Many recall him for his unsettling performance as Pluto in “The Hills Have Eyes.” Michael’s roles in numerous spooky films have earned him enormous popularity. Consequently, many individuals readily associate him with the world’s ugliest man. He has a horrifying physical appearance.

Many individuals who asked, “Who is the ugliest man in the world?” were likely unaware of how deformed a face could be. The winner has achieved the highest-ever rating for the ugliest man, and his competitors are equally repulsive. God bless you for your beauty!

#6.Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler was born Steven Victor Tallarico on March 26, 1948 (age 73), in Manhattan, New York, United States. As the lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith, he is an American singer, actor, musician, and former television personality.

People consider Tyler the ugliest and hottest man in the entertainment industry. However, his feathery appearance and pouty lips make him among the ugliest celebrities.

Godfrey Baguma, a Ugandan, is the world’s ugliest person, according to several publications. Others, however, such as Iggy Pop, Maison Sere, Marilyn Manson, Steven Tyler, Joshua Glen Box, and Michael Berryman, fit the definition of ugliness. In addition, Donatella Versace, Jocelyn Wildenstein, and Lizzie Velásquez are the ugliest women in the world.

#7. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Joshua Glen Box is a 38-year-old American male from Springdale, Arkansas. People consider him the ugliest man on earth because he lacks a nose and has suffered severe facial injuries. In addition, Glen has been involved in numerous legal conflicts throughout his lifetime.

In 2015, he was charged with possession and distribution of child pornography. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to receiving and possessing material relating to the sexual exploitation of a child under 12.

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