Harm reduction coordinator at Médecins du Monde - March, 2024

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A medical advocacy group dedicated to global solidarity, Médecins du Monde has been providing care to the world's most marginalized people for over 40 years. As a result, health-for-all policies have been steadily improved, and the challenges to receiving medical treatment have been brought to light.

Staff members of this nonprofit organization do more than provide medical attention; they also speak out against human rights abuses and try to alleviate poverty and other forms of extreme poverty.

At present, MdM is active in 30 countries across every continent, with a focus on five main areas: health and environment, harm reduction, sexual and reproductive health, emergency and crisis, and migrants and displaced people (health rights).

Médecins du Monde launched Dar es Salaam's first-ever holistic humanitarian harm reduction initiative in Tanzania from 2010 to 2018. Complete, people-centred services were a part of this pilot initiative even though the political climate was less than ideal. In order to reach the most marginalized drug users, the teams have established a reception centre and are organizing mobile activities. Local authorities and CSOs are now in charge of the project. Tanzania, a nation with a high prevalence of STDs due to its restrictive laws and poor access to prevention and healthcare for significant populations (including PWIDs, sex workers, and men who have sex with men), is currently the focus of Mdm's technical assistance for harm reduction initiatives. In Dar es Salaam, MdM directs its interventions toward vulnerable groups and youth, and in Dodoma, it collaborates with a local CSO to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Projects to reduce harm in Rwanda and Burundi are also being worked on by MdM Tanzania. Along with four other stakeholders, MdM is a part of the TUBITEHO harm reduction project in Rwanda, which will run from October 2023 to September 2026. As part of its mission to help Burundi implement OAT services, MdM offers technical support to the Ministry of Health and other local partners. The mission of MdM Tanzania is to do a more thorough evaluation of the region's requirements in terms of damage reduction and to offer tailored technical Help in this area.


  1. You will be in charge of the country's MdM program's harm reduction strategy, reporting to the general coordinator and ensuring its quality, oversight, and coordination. You are supervising the planning of harm reduction interventions, the quality of services offered, the adequacy of activities to the requirements of beneficiaries, the outstanding collaboration among stakeholders, and your tight collaboration with the MdM team, peer workers, and partners.
  2. The following are your primary duties:
  3. Program Coordination
  4. Oversee and direct study of regional context, issues, and needs in Tanzania and surrounding areas (including Rwanda, Burundi, and Kivu, among others).
  5. Make that the harm reduction initiatives are carried out in accordance with the findings of the evaluation.
  6. Oversee the day-to-day operations of MdM's harm reduction initiatives in the region, including the CUTTS research project in Tanzania, MdM's involvement in TUBITEHO in Rwanda, the technical Help for the introduction of OAT in Burundi, and others.
  7. Formulate a schedule of actions for such initiatives, and be sure to check up on their timely execution.
  8. Oversee the process of gathering and analyzing data.
  9. Collaborate closely with the consultant's team in Rwanda and Burundi and offer technical assistance as needed.
  10. Manage the correspondence with the organizations involved in the study.
  11. Make sure that all damage reduction programs' various facets (financial, HR, and logistical) are being monitored.
  12. Assist in developing or revising Tanzania's MdM strategy.
  13. Come up with ideas for potential outcomes and contribute to the process of developing and revising spending plans for upcoming endeavours.
  14. Assist in the process of identifying potential risks to the program and ways to deal with them.
  15. Make routine site visits to implementation areas.

Human Resource Management

  • Locate potential employees to work under your technical or direct supervision.
  • Team members must receive adequate orientation, training, and development opportunities.
  • Create personalized plans of action and conduct thorough team evaluations on a regular basis as part of your technical or direct responsibilities.
  • Set up and lead frequent departmental get-togethers.
  • Take part in procedures for disciplinary action.

Capacity building/training

  • To guarantee a high-quality and trouble-free implementation of the harm reduction strategy, it is necessary first to determine what capacity-building needs exist both internally and externally (among partners and stakeholders) and then to provide answers, suggestions, and support.
  • Create and lead presentations and trainings on harm reduction as needed.
  • Improve service quality by training the team as well as peer workers, mentors, community-based groups, and partners.

Advocacy and communication

  • Contribute to the formulation and execution of advocacy strategies.
  • To assist in the creation and execution of an appropriate harm reduction advocacy plan and maintain consistent communication with the program team members and the HQ advocacy adviser.
  • To back up the advocacy strategy's execution, write an article, a concept note, and a MdM position paper.
  • Assist in the creation of communication resources.

Reporting and representation

  • Help with the MdM monthly report and status update.
  • Assist with and organize data and information gathering. Help with donor reports by writing.
  • Guarantee that the project's outcomes are communicated.
  • Attend workshops, meetings, and other events on a local, regional, national, and worldwide level on behalf of MdM as required.


June 2024 is the start date.

Salary: 3,570 euros per month

The premium is split into two equal instalments, equal to one month's wage. A minimum of six months of seniority is necessary.

Bonus for working abroad (10% of monthly gross earnings)

Money for transportation, immunizations, and visas is taken care of.

Housing for guests

22.5 days of recuperation annually

Annual paid leave of five weeks

Employees pay 40% of the cost of health insurance, and MdM covers 60% of the cost.

Return to the country (insurance)

Training and internal mobility are programs that Médecins du Monde supports.

Background checks on all candidates may be conducted in accordance with international sanctions lists maintained by the United Nations, the European Union, France, the US, and others in an effort to prevent money laundering and the funding of terrorism. All data is kept on a secure server and treated with the utmost confidentiality. To learn more about how this method handles personal data, visit http://bit.ly/3CSTDYO.

A solitary post

Single posting


  • Prolonged background working as a coordinator or senior manager for an international NGO
  • Proficient in all phases of project management
  • Years of Expertise in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment
  • Background in managing teams with a strong leadership style
  • Knowledge of how to work with local governments to form partnerships
  • Preferred: Prior expertise conducting operational research; vital medical training or master's degree in public health
  • Make a schedule and rank your to-dos.
  • Explore a topic area, collect relevant data, evaluate it, and then summarize your findings.
  • To better understand the difficulties of damage reduction, the MdM method, and stances, it is necessary first to identify them.
  • Build and expand a network.
  • Capacity to operate with minimal oversight
  • Superior ability to plan and solve problems
  • Planning forward
  • Solid proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Spoken and written English is required, although proficiency in French is considered an advantage.
  • You fully endorse Médecins du Monde's proactive philosophy and fully accept its fundamental beliefs.


Médecins du Monde may choose to fill the open position prior to the application deadline.

Fighting prejudice and advocating for the full participation of persons with disabilities are two of MdM's core values.